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Wickenburg Hospitality Comes in Many Forms

Wickenburg’s western style of hospitality is not confined to winter visitors on Tegner Street. One of the more unusual opportunities to welcome guests came in May 2007, when a flight of six Apache Longbow helicopters stopped at the Wickenburg Airport on their way to Idaho.

While an airport employee refueled the Apaches, the crews had lunch in the airport’s office.


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2 comments to Wickenburg Hospitality Comes in Many Forms

  • Brandy

    I am actually just inquiring about your town my husband is getting a job in wickieup and i don’t really know a whole lot about that town either but i don’t want to live in a bad place and by bad i mean violence drugs ect. I have three kids coming along with me a 7yr old 4yr old and 2yr old this would only be a 2yr max place for use to reside but i am making sure while we are there it will be a safe town for me and my kids and is there houses in this town to rent? so over all i would just like to know if this town is a good town to reside in for 2yrs or should i do some research else were? Thank u very much for your feed back.

    • Maria Langer

      Brandy: Rest assured, Wickenburg is a good town to raise a family. Although every town has its problems, Wickenburg, in general has a nice small town atmosphere that’s great for raising kids. When looking for a place to live, be sure to talk to your Realtor about neighborhoods; some are obviously better than others. Good luck!