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Wickenburg to Phoenix by Helicopter

Although my helicopter is still officially based in Wickenburg, it spends a lot of time down in the Phoenix area where my customer base is. On January 20, I repositioned it from Wickenburg to Phoenix and shot this video along the way.

In this 2-1/2 minute movie, you’ll see the helicopter’s shadow as I lift off from Wickenburg Airport and then catch glimpses of downtown. My route took me past the runway at Rio Vista Hills and then across the open desert where a handful of RVers were camped out on BLM land. I passed over Carefree Highway just west of Lake Pleasant, crossed over Route 303 (under construction) and I-17, and then headed south for landing at Deer Valley.

Take a look; I think you’ll like what you see. Keep in mind that I often offer cheap seats on one-way or round trip flights for up to three people following the same basic route; you can get notified of these offers as they become available by subscribing to Flying M Air news and special offers at Flying M Air‘s Web site.


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5 comments to Wickenburg to Phoenix by Helicopter

  • Charles Jones

    Nice 🙂

  • Ed

    3-01-12, it was really great to see the lil red helicopter around Wickenburg a few times Wed, I even heard the engine one time while walking to the library. I hope you had an enjoyable flight, you surely had the perfect weather.

    • Maria Langer

      Thanks, Ed. It was a rare helicopter tour out of Wickenburg for some friends of my mother-in-law.

  • Ed

    I hope you are doing well. Im wondering why no one posts here very much. You gave us some really nice videos, and the man who wrote the smuggling articles had a great story to share. Maybe its the economy, slowing everyone down, some just trying to survive, and not much left over for recreation. Even the other site for Wickenburg about the town news and happenings is slow. Well, I always enjoy your articles and pictures, and especially the videos. Im wondering, what is your air speed when you are going from point a to point b, not sightseeing, just trying to make the trip? And I know you can hover, but how slow do you go when you explore? Does the engine need air flow or will it heat up when you are hovering or going slower? Thanks, take care.

    • Maria Langer

      I’m doing well, but not very enthusiastic about either Wickenburg or this website. The town is nearly dead, property values are in the toilet, there are no jobs and no one is interested in my helicopter services. Over-development promoted by greedy real estate developers, including some on the Town Council, is partly to blame. A chamber of Commerce that exists solely to promote the efforts of its friends — and not all of the town’s businesses — is another. I’ve moved my business out of town and live there less than 3 months a year. Very difficult to come up with fresh content about a town I don’t care about. Sadly, two of the site’s big contributors — Jim Cook and Lee Pearson — have passed away. It’s ironic, in a way, that my last post was about me flying out of town. It’s almost as if I knew I wouldn’t write about Wickenburg again.

      My cruise speed is about 110 knots. I go whatever speed I need to to explore. The engine only gets hot when the weather is hot and I’m pulling a lot of power. Doesn’t really make much difference how fast am I going. The engine is air-cooled, but temperature isn’t really a problem.