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Site Information

wickenburg-az.com is an independent source of information about Wickenburg, AZ.

Maria LangerFounded in 1999, it is one of the oldest Web sites in the area. The brainchild of author and commercial helicopter pilot, Maria Langer, wickenburg-az.com is a blog-based site with entries by Maria and dozens of other content contributors, including Jim Cook, Allan Hall, and the late Lee Pearson.

While most other local area sites contain primarily content paid for by commercial interests — thus offering a lopsided view of the area that favors organizations willing to pay for exposure — wickenburg-az.com contains a wide range of real information by and for Wickenburg area residents and visitors.

wickenburg-az.com is not affiliated in any way with Wickenburg town government or the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce.

wickenburg-az.com exists, in part, through the generosity of supporters. If you like what you see here, please consider sending a few dollars our way to help cover the cost of Web hosting. We also sell advertising space to local businesses at affordable rates. You can also help support us by visiting the sites of our advertisers, and by writing for us.