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Write for Us

All content on this site is written and edited by content contributors. Content contributors use their writing skills and personal knowledge to share information of interest to site visitors. Without them, there would be nothing to read on wickenburg-az.com.

We’re always interested in working with new content contributors to add information, opinions, and even a few tall tales to this site. In fact, we’re looking for content that fits into any of the topics you see listed in the navigation bar. We’re especially interested in articles that discuss the history of Wickenburg and things to do and see here. Photos are always welcome, even without articles — as long as they include detailed captions.

Anyone can be a content contributor. To get started, use the Contact Us link at the top of the page to contact the Webmaster and let her know you’re interested in writing for the site. The Webmaster will set up an account for you and give you access to site composition tools so you can author articles.

In the beginning, all of your work will be reviewed by the Webmaster before it appears on the site. But as you gain experience and prove your value to the site, you’ll be given the ability to approve your own articles, thus publishing them immediately on the site, without approval.

If you’re not quite computer savvy enough to work with our online composition tools, you can e-mail your articles and photos directly to the Webmaster. Use the Contact Us link at the top of any page to tell the Webmaster what you’re interested in writing about. She’ll provide an e-mail address you can use to send context to her for possible publication.

wickenburg-az.com does not currently pay content contributors for their work. That may change in the future, depending on sponsor and advertiser support. Content contributors do retain copyright of their work and can republish it elsewhere or ask that it be removed from the site in the event that rights are sold to another publisher.

Remember, wickenburg-az.com exists because of the hard work of its content contributors. If you have something of interest to share with site visitors, please do!