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The Great Dust Spill of 1935

The Journal of Prevarication The most trusted name in lying

By Jim Cook, Official State Liar of Arizona.

Big Jake, my older brother, was the first lumberjack at the Petrified Forest.

Jake never got much smarter. While he has not prospered, he has always added flavor to our family.

However, Jakes does tend to carry on about his one remaining goal in life: The establishment of Arizona Dust Storm National Park.

Jake thought he had it made when Bill Clinton was president. You may remember that near the end of his term, Clinton set aside several places he thought should …

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Journal of Disbelief

The Journal of Disbelief If Jim Cook were a blogger, and not a liar, this is what he would blog today.

In the 1950s, the Trailways bus station in Flagstaff was housed in the railroad depot. Many nights, I sat in a cafe across the street, drinking coffee with my buddies and talking about our dreams of the future.

If black people got off the Trailways bus and started toward the cafe, the proprietress met them at the door. She told them she couldn’t serve them.

The African-Americans did not act surprised, or outraged. They were refused service all across …

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Sealing the Deal

The Journal of Prevarication Exasperating Literal-minded Scholars Since 1979

By Jim Cook Official State Liar of Arizona

Long-time friend Steve Auslander of Tucson wrote, “I wonder whether being an official state liar means the lies one tells are official lies. If it is so, then should not the lie bear some official status, such as a stamp declaring that the lie is official?”

This is what our design staff came up with:

Steve wrote a learned discourse on obfuscation, prevarication, equivocation, and the body waste of male cattle. We only have room to repeat the flattering part:

“I must …

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It’s a Dry Tsunami

The Journal of Prevarication Here lies Jim Cook, Official State Liar of Arizona

The tsunami set off by the earthquake in Chile didn’t do much damage around the Pacific Rim, but it did cause a river surge in the Hassayampa.

A wave of sand half a meter high surged out of the Gila River near Arlington and rolled up the Hassayampa as far as Morristown, smashing against seven million acres of tumbleweeds.

We don’t have many big events like that around here. And yet we live by the weather, or lack of it. As we see reports of blizzards and …

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Running Laps in Lapland

I came home from our winter tour of Lapland with terrible respiratory problems. The staff in the emergency room here in  Wickenburg couldn’t believe that I got sick while being chased by wolves. …

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