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Sun Continues to Edit Letters to Editor to Suit its Candidate's Needs

I am really beginning to get upset with the Wickenburg Sun and its editorial practices. They are very quick to accept letters printed in their entirety praising the candidates of their choice who are running for the local representative positions. When I write a letter perhaps critical of their candidate, I have seen time and again how they take special exception to their guidelines and edit out what they don’t want to be seen.

This past week I sent a letter to the editor where I offered up some advice and commentary on what I believe were some of Mayor …

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Concern about September 2 Elections

I am very concerned about the Sept. 2nd Wickenburg Town Council and Mayoral election. I am concerned that my fellow citizens will avoid becoming involved in this very important contest.

I firmly believe that a strong Chamber of Commerce is not only beneficial to Wickenburg, but is very important to the careful future expansion of our town. But, when is the Chamber doing its job and when is it overly extending its boundaries and becoming too controlling? The Chamber has been way too involved in this election, in my humble opinion.

The Chamber receives a very healthy amount of money …

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Town Council Retreat an Excercise in Futility for Townspeople?

Webmaster Note: We’re reprinting this letter to the editor by Jim Ferman as a service to the community, particularly for those residents and visitors who do not read The Wickenburg Sun, where it originally appeared. This reprint is with the permission of the author. – Maria

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Councilman John Zerby’s Feb. 28th letter to the editor, in which he states that none of the “Loud Minority” was in attendance at the recent Town Council Retreat. I, for one, was out of town working and was unable to attend. Of all people, Mr. Zerby …

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Citizen Concerned about Hermosa Ranch Safety and Liability

Webmaster Note: The following letter was written by Jim Ferman and submitted to the Wickenburg Sun for publication. The Sun refused to print it, despite the fact that it was written by a knowledgeable career pilot and raises some very important safety and liability concerns. What else is the Sun hiding from the public?

I am very concerned about the Hermosa Ranch development plan that has been approved by both the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Town Council. Well-informed, knowledgeable citizens have stood up at these meetings and voiced their concerns about the houses being built so …

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Candidate Harassment Part of Wickenburg's Political Process

I was warned that as election day approached, the opposition (in this case the old guard, good-old-boy network) would increase the pressure by attempting to begin a smear campaign against me.

On Friday, October 27, at 10 AM there was a knock at my front door and it was Lyle Murdock, the Wickenburg Building Inspector. Since he has been involved in an ROC case against a couple of contractors who bungled a job in our back yard, he has been over here numerous times in the last 2 years, and I thought this was just a follow-up visit in conjunction …

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