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Help Keep the Gold Rush in Town

Webmaster Note: Since Gold Rush Days are coming up here in Wickenburg, I thought I’d rerun this article by John Aabbott, originally published February 10, 2006. If you’re visiting Wickenburg for the “big event,” please support the local businesses while you’re enjoying the Chamber-sponsored activities. After all, those are the businesses who fund the Chamber; it would be nice if they benefited from this event. – Maria

This weekend is Wickenburg’s annual “Gold Rush Days” celebration. It’s the town’s one annual big event and it draws thousands of people to town, with an art fair, carnival, and parade, as …

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Oh, the Tangled Webs they Weave

Let me get this straight:

The Chamber of Commerce is publicly supporting Town council Candidates Kristi Henson, Scott Stewart, and Phil Richardson, along with the mayor who’s up for recall, Ron Badowski. Right?

Why are those names so familiar? Could it be because three out of four of them are on the Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors?

So the Chamber of Commerce is supporting political candidates who just happen to fill three of the five Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors positions? The Chamber of Commerce is, in effect, supporting itself to fill three political positions?

Hello? Does anyone …

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Your Vote Can Stop the Selling Off of Wickenburg

Wickenburg is for sale. Have you heard? Just propose a rezoning to pack as many homes as you can into a piece of property, whisper the right words to our elected officials, and they’ll give you the votes you need to cut Wickenburg into smaller and smaller pieces. Heck, they don’t even pay attention to the recommendations of the Planning and Zoning Commission anymore. Why should they? P & Z doesn’t have as much at stake as these folks do.

Worried about infrastructure to support all these new homes? Why should you? The elected officials certainly don’t seem to be …

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Just Say No to Wal-Mart in Wickenburg

It recently came to my attention that a number of Wickenburg residents are not only pro-development, but are doing their best to “maximize the roof count” in town. Why? So the town can “attract better stores.”

Better stores? Do they mean like Wal-Mart? The same company that moves into a community and drives the other businesses out of business?

I’m not just saying this because I don’t like to buy cheap junk made in China from a company that practices cut-throat competition and pays poor wages. I have the research documents to support this statement:

The “Impact of the Wal-Mart …

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Wickenburg Restaurant Sales Tax Second Highest in Arizona

I’m not sure if this is a distinction Wickenburg wants. Unfortunately, it’s there: local sales tax in Wickenburg restaurants is a whopping 11.5%. To put that in perspective, that’s 3.55 percentage points above Scottsdale and almost 2 percentage points above Sedona. Only the farming community of Eloy is higher at 12.6%. Only 13 of the 93 localities in the state have restaurant sales tax higher than 10%.

What’s going on here? We all know that the mayor and council have been scratching for revenue sources for quite some time. The retail sales tax went up about 3 years ago. Annexation …

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