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Business Directory

wickenburg-az.com is pleased to add a new feature to the site: a Business Directory. This feature offers absolutely free, no-strings-attached searchable listings for businesses and organizations in the Wickenburg area.

To view the Business Directory, click the Business Directory link at the top of any page. You’ll see a listing of all businesses that have been added to the directory. You can use a search feature at the top of the page to search for businesses by name or keyword.

To add your business or organization to the Business Directory, click the “Add Your Organization” link at the bottom of …

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The Old Livery Mercantile

The Old Livery Mercantile is located at the intersection of Tegner and Apache Streets in downtown Wickenburg. Besides selling typical Arizona souvenirs, the Old Livery sells authentic Indian Jewelry and Artifacts, Southwestern Home Decor items, Pottery, and Cactus Inlaid furniture. The Old Livery also maintains a broad selection of knives, including Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, hand-inlaid Steep Mountain Knives, and affordable MTech Knives.

Both the Books and Music sections at the Old Livery have been expanded over the past several years. The book section includes works from local authors, including Dr. Martha Maxon, poet Carole Jarvis, and the late Dana …

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Retail Leakage Promoted by Wickenburg Sun

I sent this “letter to the editor” to the Wickenburg Sun on July 25th, after reading Mr. Cloe’s editorial about local shopping. He has not posted my article in the past two weeks, and I suspect that he never will. Can’t say that I’m surprised.

Here’s the letter:

Mr. Cloe:

I find your editorial submission “Responses to ‘shop local’ offer an interesting variety” to be interesting but predictable, considering the source.

What really strikes me is that, contained within your paper this week is a six page advertising section for Albertsons, a grocery chain that is not even located in …

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Date Creek Ranch

Looking for a Family or Group Summer Outing?

Date Creek is your answer. The ranch is located along beautiful Date Creek, a riparian oasis within the Joshua tree-studded desert bisected by Highway 93 as it heads north from Wickenburg to Kingman.

Historically, Date Creek served as a resting spot on the roadway from Prescott, territorial capital, to population centers developing in the Phoenix valley and the Old Pueblo of Tucson. A reminder of the importance of this route is the protective presence of Date Creek Fort, a military outpost, the remains of which are several miles away from Date Creek …

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Interactive Map Now Available

Brett Gerasim at the Old Livery Mercantile on North Tegner has been working on an interactive map of Wickenburg’s downtown businesses. He was kind enough to send me a link to the resulting page: http://www.oldlivery.com/wickenburgmap.htm.

The map is pretty simple and works with the Google Map API. It clearly shows the locations — including addresses — for some popular holiday shopping spots. I’ll be putting a link to this map in

Support Wickenburg! Shop locally!