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Wickenburg Area Clean and Beautiful?

Definition from Wikipedia: Litter is waste disposed in the wrong place by unlawful human action and can vary in size of incident, occurrence or items. It can occur as small items like wrappers, large collections of waste or scatterings of litter dispersed around public places outdoors. Litter can be occasioned by malicious, careless or accidental intent and is generally disposed of illegally rather than lawfully. Litter has the potential to cause harm to human health, safety and welfare, it harms wildlife and causes environmental impact (1).

My definition of Trash: Those people who litter.

There is a great sense of …

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Moose Brigade Report: April & May 2008

The Moose Bridge was pleased to join forces with the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program in mid-May in an effort to clean up a major trash site. Ten volunteers, in less than three hours, removed 3000 pounds of scrap metal and trash from an abandoned dump located on Blue Tank Road just off Rincon Road. Appreciation is extended to Sickles Sanitation Inc., Bureau of Land Management and especially to the conscientious, hard-working volunteers. In the fall, after the summer heat abates, another work party will be scheduled to remove the estimated 12000 pounds that remain at that site.

Please consider …

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Moose Drool and Other Droppings, March Report

The rate of litter along Constellation and Buckhorn Roads from January through March may have been moderated by the damp and chilly conditions, particularly in January when there was a significant drop in recreational activity. In our last report we ended the two months of November-December with 1209 containers. As of March 31 the total of collected litter rose modestly to 1417 cans, glass bottles and other liquid containers.

The Moose Brigade has also seen more folks removing litter in some areas, so we congratulate their efforts to help maintain a clean and beautiful habitat. While we are on that …

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Moose Drool and Other Droppings, December Report

Litter removal along Constellation and Buckhorn Roads during the months of November and December saw a dramatic surge in statistics. The last report, dated November 4th, ended with 478 pieces of litter. We ended the month of December with 1209 bottles, cans and other liquid containers. That represents a 153% increase over all previous weeks of reporting. This doesn’t come close to the actual volume of litter collected by everyone, but we hope you get the idea that these areas are a dumping ground for slobs.

One rancher recently told the Moose Brigade that he removed more than 300 cans …

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Litter Situation Out of Control on Constellation Road

For Shame!

Moments ago, I received a photo from the Moose Brigade with the note:

Here is a photo that you might want to consider using for the next (or future) Moose articles.

I removed 138 pieces of litter from a single spot this afternoon – and this is the result.

The site is a bit south of Constellation Road – east of the county line.

Here’s the photo:

I’m absolutely appalled at the quantity of trash concentrated in one spot. Did someone have a drinking party on Constellation Road recently? Or did they gather together this trash …

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