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Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg – Part 5

If we value the legacy of Wickenburg, then preserving its culture, history and habitat offers the hope that we can carry them forward to future generations in a way that is faithful to the past.

In Part 5 of this series, I attempt to articulate a vision statement which deals with an aspect of Wickenburg that virtually defines its beauty and attraction to residents and visitors alike. That is — scenic open space — and particularly the places where there are horse and hiking trails. As with my article in Part 4, “Conservation — Light Pollution vs. Dark Skies,” open …

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Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg – Part 4

In Part 3 of this series on vision statements for Wickenburg I dealt with the issue of conservation of our water resources. Part 4 will focus on the preservation of our night sky, why it is important and why it is worth protecting.

Conservation – Light Pollution vs. Dark Skies

Have you ever camped in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, or perhaps up in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness Area on the rim of Cherry Creek Canyon; or other places where the glow of civilization does not penetrate the night sky? If so, then you have undoubtedly experienced skies that …

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Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg – Part 3

We are all stewards of the past and future; whether you realize it or not, or whether you even agree. The only important question is whether we are good or poor at it – individually and as a community.

When I set out to propose a framework for a vision of Wickenburg?s future, I naively thought it could be done in a two-part article. As the research effort unfolded it became apparent that a treatment of these subjects in only two segments would be superficial at best, and might fail to inspire discussion and debate. After taking a closer …

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Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg – Part 2

Part 1 of this article concluded on the rather bleak observation that the factors which make Wickenburg a “destination location” are comprised of weak and transient contributors to the economic health and future of our town. It also noted the threat to our scenic habitat and an absence of a community vision of the future.

Without a vision you have nothing to assess or debate. It means that you have nothing that can inspire people to work toward a common end because no one can see the big picture. Without that vision, what you are left with is a form …

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Observations on a Vision for Wickenburg

Maria’s recent article “Two More Businesses Close Their Doors” provided excellent and thoughtful observations about some of the factors that lead to business closures as well as the historically anemic record of economic growth in Wickenburg. Whether you are a full-time resident or seasonal visitor, I hope you will read it and the numerous comments posted by readers. It prompted me to engage in some reflection about why we chose to move here seven years ago. More importantly her article made me think about the underlying issues, possible solutions and consequences of healthy and sustainable growth for our town. My …

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