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Smuggling — Out Wickenburg Way, Part III: When Backpacks Talk…Studying Discards at Smuggling Sites

Here is a representative sampling of the “typical” contents found in a discarded pack: One pair of jeans One black or dark pullover jacket One T-shirt or long sleeve shirt One or two changes of underwear One pair socks One or two heavy duty black oversized garbage bags Toothbrush and small toothpaste One small bar of soap Disposable razor Deodorant Comb or brush One roll toilet tissue Food items: One or more bottles of electrolyte beverage — usually unopened One loaf of Bimbo Blanco Super Pan bread — partially consumed One jar of marmalade — unopened or partially consumed One or more packages of Crackets or Saladitas saltine cracker packs One package Marias Gamesa cookies — unopened One or two cans of tuna — usually unopened One can of refried beans — usually unopened One or two pieces of fresh fruit The discarded clothes are usually soiled articles from previous days of travel that have been exchanged for fresh clothes in the pack. …

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Smuggling — Out Wickenburg Way, Part II: A Study of Smuggling Routes and Sites

There is only one known instance of a site being used for both transfer and resupply, but the removal of fresh backpacks by newly arrived groups at this and other sites makes it impossible to know how often this type of operation occurs. …

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Journal of Disbelief

The Journal of Disbelief If Jim Cook were a blogger, and not a liar, this is what he would blog today.

In the 1950s, the Trailways bus station in Flagstaff was housed in the railroad depot. Many nights, I sat in a cafe across the street, drinking coffee with my buddies and talking about our dreams of the future.

If black people got off the Trailways bus and started toward the cafe, the proprietress met them at the door. She told them she couldn’t serve them.

The African-Americans did not act surprised, or outraged. They were refused service all across …

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Wickenburg Dark Sky Advocates

The Wickenburg Dark Sky Advocates is a political action committee, registered with the Town Clerk of the Town of Wickenburg, created to advocate for and support the Town of Wickenburg’s enactment of a Dark Sky Ordinance.

What is a Dark Sky Ordinance?

Dark Sky Ordinances are enacted to protect a community’s night skies from light pollution or urban glow which interferes with being able to see, at night, the starry beauty of deep, dark night skies.

Dark Sky Ordinances typically provide that outdoor lights, at night, should shine downward. Other typical provisions:

Lights should be turned off when not necessary. …

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Wickenburg's Tax Options

This is a letter to the editor of the Sun in a timely answer to a Cloe editorial on the same subject which was never published. Although the Sun denies receiving it and has offered to consider publishing it subject to their one month one article rule, my email records clearly show that it was received in the appropriate time frame. Printing it now would mute the desired effect anyway so I think another venue is needed.

The Letter

Editor, Wickenburg Sun

Ok, I’m relatively new here moving from New England about 5 years ago and I don’t really understand …

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