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Smart Voters Recognized by Developer in Newspaper Ad

I heard through the grapevine that Hermosa Ranch developer Jerry Diddy published a list of all 336 people who signed the petition circulated by Committee to Stop Irresponsible Development volunteers in December, along with a list of the volunteers. These are people who were smart enough to realize that a housing development at the end of Wickenburg Municipal Airport’s recently lengthened runway is just plain stupid.

I have no idea why Mr. Diddy spent his money to place such an ad. If his goal was intimidation, I think he failed miserably. The people who signed the petition were glad — …

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Citizen Concerned about Hermosa Ranch Safety and Liability

Webmaster Note: The following letter was written by Jim Ferman and submitted to the Wickenburg Sun for publication. The Sun refused to print it, despite the fact that it was written by a knowledgeable career pilot and raises some very important safety and liability concerns. What else is the Sun hiding from the public?

I am very concerned about the Hermosa Ranch development plan that has been approved by both the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Town Council. Well-informed, knowledgeable citizens have stood up at these meetings and voiced their concerns about the houses being built so …

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Wanted: 231 Signatures

The Committee to Stop Irresponsible Development needs 231 signatures to bring Ordinance 972-R to a vote of the people. This ordinance allows a zoning change that would put 34 homes on a block of land approximately 3,500 feet from the northeast end of Wickenburg Airport’s Runway. (See photo.)

Why You Should Sign this Petition

We have the following concerns about this planned community, Hermosa Ranch:

Safety – In the event of an engine failure of a plane departing from Runway 5, there is a possibility that the plane may crash-land on Hermosa Ranch homes or property. (See photo.)

Noise complaints …

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Hermosa Ranch, the Saga Continues

At 3:00 PM today, the Town of Wickenburg held a “Special” meeting of the common council to discuss the recent Council elections and Hermosa Ranch project.

At the meeting, it was stated that the Mayor had a conflict with the Hermosa Ranch developer. Those in attendance were apparently supposed to believe that the Mayor knew nothing about this conflict until last week. The conflict was not explained.

So the mayor walked to the back of the room while the remaining council members rescinded the ordinance that approved Hermosa Ranch and then voted, one-by-one, to approve it again.

It was a …

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Hermosa Ranch Insanity (revisited)

It appears that Wickenburg’s Department of Misinformation has been working overtime on this one. Let me set the record straight:

The FAA did not approve Hermosa Ranch. Whoever told you that is either lying or using information obtained from the Department of Misinformation. In fact, I have in my possession, a letter to Miles Johnson, Town Planner and Airport Manager, from the FAA that states, in part:

Assurance 21, Compatible Land Use, stipulates that the Town will take all reasonable measures to restrict land uses adjacent to the airport to activities that are compatible with normal airport operations. Residential property …

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