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Butterflies and Bees

This photo of butterflies and bees was taken in San Domingo Wash east of Wickenburg. I couldn’t approach this bush too closely, due to all the bees swarming in the blossoms! I thought the black butterfly was somewhat unusual. 

Backyard Hummingbird

They are among the smallest of birds, able to hover in mid-air and fly backwards by rapidly flapping their wings at speeds up to up to 90 times per second. …

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Wickenburg Hospitality Comes in Many Forms

One of the more unusual opportunities to welcome guests came in May 2007, when a flight of six Apache Longbow helicopters stopped at the Wickenburg Airport on their way to Idaho. …

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Windmill on the Range

Water can be found in man-made ponds scattered throughout the desert or in corrals like this one, with windmills pumping water into tanks. …

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Calliandra Eriophylla is Native to the Wickenburg Area

Bright red Baja Fairydusters have become a popular shrub for desert gardeners in recent years, but the Wickenburg area is host to a diminutive native species that deserves your attention during spring hikes. …

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