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Mexican Earthquake Felt in Wickenburg

I was sitting at an early Easter dinner with friends in a downtown Wickenburg apartment when my host, Warren, said, “Do you feel that? …

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Sophie's Flat Celebration

After over two years of effort by the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management the Sophie’s Flat Trailhead and Trail System is open for business. The opening celebration, held November 8, 2008, had over one hundred in attendance. Eighty horseback riders and several trekkers “tested” the newly marked trails after which all enjoyed a BBQ lunch catered by Charley’s Steak House. An official dedication is planned for this coming spring.

The trail system will become part of the official Arizona Trail System and was selected from some of the many trails that exist in …

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Calendar of Events

Did you know wickenburg-az.com maintains an interactive Calendar of Events in the Wickenburg area?

The calendar is accessible from two places on this site:

In the navigation sidebar’s Read These First! area, you’ll find a link to the calendar. Click the link to open a new browser page with the calendar inside it. You can use buttons on the calendar to switch between day, week, and month views and move forward or backward through dates. Clicking an item may display additional information about it. Farther down in the navigation sidebar’s Upcoming Events area, you’ll find a list of the next …

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WHA Annual Jerry Hanson Trail Ride & Steak Cook Out

I had the pleasure, on Saturday, of attending the Wickenburg Horsemen’s Association annual Jerry Hanson trail ride and steak cook out. And this year’s turnout was the biggest ever, with more than 70 riders and 100 people for the cook out.

The Wickenburg Horsemen’s Association (WHA) is a group of horse enthusiasts who get together regularly to ride. The riding season in Wickenburg starts in October and runs through May. Throughout the season, the WHA board of directors and members set up a ride schedule that usually includes rides every two weeks or so. Members meet at predetermined parking areas, …

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4WD Historic Trip to Bradshaw's Grave

There have been several comments on my article about Bradshaw’s Grave and there seems to be an interest in visiting the site. I would be happy to lead a group out to the grave and share the history of the area that we pass through. We will visit several abandoned mines. We will pass by the ghost town of Swallow; we will also go by the sight of the former Whipsaw Nudist Colony (which was established by Hippies in the 1960’s). We will be close to the site of the Wickenburg version of the Hatfield and McCoy feud. We will …

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