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The Roundabout: Getting What You Wished For

The Wickenburg Bypass and Roundabouts became fully operational this past September 14th. A brief progress update includes the fact that lane striping was completed on schedule and no accidents have been reported through October 2nd in either the south or north Roundabout. That’s good news, of course. This is not to say that a few drivers seem to be a bit disoriented, but the traffic is flowing well and everyone seems to be observing the Yield Right of Way signs.

The best news is that traffic congestion has been eliminated on Tegner Street at the junction of US-60 and US-93. …

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Getting 'Round the Roundabout Out Wickenburg Way

If you have not been in Wickenburg since last winter, you will experience a major change in traffic flow when you return to the area this fall. The new bridge over the Hassayampa River is completed and full operation of the bypass, with its two roundabouts, will begin on or about September 14th. The schematic below shows the new bridge and the lower (southern) roundabout.

Figure 1, New Bridge and lower roundabout. Courtesy Arizona Dept. of Transportation.

The old bridges have been decommissioned for traffic use and the lower roundabout provides access to the traditional routes west on U.S. …

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Calendar of Events

Did you know wickenburg-az.com maintains an interactive Calendar of Events in the Wickenburg area?

The calendar is accessible from two places on this site:

In the navigation sidebar’s Read These First! area, you’ll find a link to the calendar. Click the link to open a new browser page with the calendar inside it. You can use buttons on the calendar to switch between day, week, and month views and move forward or backward through dates. Clicking an item may display additional information about it. Farther down in the navigation sidebar’s Upcoming Events area, you’ll find a list of the next …

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Desert Clean-Up Volunteers Needed

The Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, recognizing the immense value of cleaning up the desert, recently assumed responsibility for the Wickenburg Clean and Beautiful program that was begun quite a number of years ago by Dana Burden (deceased), Tom Riggs, and John and Debi Main.

The help of groups and individuals is needed to continue improving our surrounding areas. If you can volunteer for desert clean-up activities, please submit your name, phone number, eMail address and preferred clean-up dates to Lee Pearson at WCF.WCB@GMAIL.COM, call 928-684-7473, or write to Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, Wickenburg Clean & Beautiful, P.O. Box 20008, Wickenburg AZ 85358.

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The Best Things about January in Wickenburg

January is here and with it comes the start of the first “good time” of the year in the Arizona desert. As anyone can tell you, there are two good times of the year in this area: spring and fall. Although winter is not bad — at least not by northeast and midwest standards — it’s not nearly as pleasant as what’s to come. And everyone knows that summer is just plain hell.

There are three things that make January especially good:

The days (and often nights) start getting warmer.

This is completely at odds with the way things are …

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