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By Jeep: Exploring the Desert North of Wickenburg

Since Mike and I each visited our families earlier this year and had no other plans for Christmas Day, we decided to take our cameras and my Jeep out into the desert north of Wickenburg to explore a few roads we’d never been on. The day was crystal clear with deep blue skies and only a scattering of high cirrus clouds. We left midday, right after lunch. We’d explore, from the ground, places I’d flown over countless times by helicopter.

Getting Started

Our journey started on Rincon Road, right off of Highway 89/30. It’s a right hand turn not far …

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Group Hike Scheduled for Upper Hassayampa River Wilderness

Lee Pearson and I are scheduling a hike in the upper Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness Area on Saturday May 17th. The hike distance will be 2.7 miles from Williams Ranch to Buckskin Canyon, with the return leg following the same route.

This is a uniquely beautiful riparian habitat and mid-May promises another great show of flowers along the river banks. The migratory birds will be nesting in the river willows and there are always abundant signs of four-footed critters on this stretch of the river.

We hiked this area on April 12th to check out river conditions and spring growth. …

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Abandoned Mines – Avoiding a Deadly Pursuit

The lead photo in this article (Figure 1) shows a sign that most of you have probably never seen. In the decades that I’ve been hiking around mines in this state, this is the first and only barricade with a State Mine Inspector warning sign that I’ve ever encountered – and I have been to hundreds of mines that are every bit as dangerous as the shaft behind this barricade. The fine print on the sign states that “Entry into these workings is criminal trespass.” Hopefully, the rest of the sign speaks for itself.

Figure 1: Warning!

Interestingly, this …

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Swansea Townsite

Webmaster’s Note: I realized after reading a comment on this entry, which was originally published on February 15, 2002, that the photos that were once here were gone. Sadly, most of them were lost in a recent hard disk crash. I’ve replaced some of them, added a video podcast made before the photos were lost, and updated the entry a bit. If you take the time to visit this remote ghost town, please be sure to leave a comment here to let us know what you thought. – Maria

Swansea was a copper mining town around the turn of the …

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Robson's Mining World

Note: This article, which was orginally written on November 24, 2004, is a great introduction to Robson’s Mining World, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary on Saturday, January 20, 2007. Come by and join the fun! – Maria

Nestled in the foothills of the mountains north of Aguila, AZ is Robson’s Mining World. Part museum, part ghost town, part lodging and dining facility, Robson’s is an excellent retreat from the sounds and crowds of civilization.

Getting There

We visited Robson’s the day before Thanksgiving. Mike and I had out-of-town guests: my mother and stepfather from Florida and my sister, brother, …

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