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Advertise Here is now accepting up to five paid advertisements per month. These advertisements will appear at the top of the ad column on every page of the site. currently has approximately 2,000 visitors and 3,000 page hits per week. Visitors come to because they want to learn more about the town — including the businesses and services available there. Your ad on will drive advertisers to your site, where they can learn more about what you offer and contact you for more information.

How It Works

Advertisers pay a monthly fee and e-mail an ad image to the Webmaster. The Webmaster adds up to 5 ad images to the site’s advertising column. Each image is associated with a URL (Web site address) that the advertiser provides. The ad image can also include contact information, such as a phone number.

If a site visitor wants to visit a site associated with the ad, he clicks the ad image. A new window opens with the advertiser’s Home page.

Advertising Rates

We are currently offering ads at an introductory rate of $10 to $20 per month or $100 to $300 per year, depending on the ad size. The monthly fee is for a calendar month, meaning that ads are changed on the first day of each month. This fee will change with demand; when a waiting list of advertisers develops rates will go up. You can lock in the current monthly rate by prepaying for the number of months you want your ad to appear. Once an ad expires, the new ad rate will apply to any future ads.

Ad Image Requirements

Your Ad HereAds must be submitted electronically (via e-mail) as a graphic image that meets the following requirements (see sample here for size):

  • Format: JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), or PNG .(png). Some animated GIFs are acceptable.
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Width: 160 pixels
  • Height: 120 pixels (small; $10/month), 240 pixels (medium; $20/month), or 360 pixels (large; $30/month)

A setup fee of $50 to $100 will be charged to create an image for you. Save money by doing it yourself!

Interested? Contact Us!

If you’re interested in advertising with us, please fill out the following form. Include your phone number in the Comment field. Don’t worry; your e-mail address will not be added to any list nor generate any spam to your account.

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Use this feature to upload a file to the Webmaster. Text files must be in TXT, DOC, or DOCX format; images must be in JPG or PNG format. File size is limited to 1 MB.