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Backyard Hummingbird

They are among the smallest of birds, able to hover in mid-air and fly backwards by rapidly flapping their wings at speeds up to up to 90 times per second. …

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Encounters with the Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx Californianus)

Recently a fascinating event happened as I watched an often-maligned predator who stood on the patio several feet from a large yellowbell bush. Suddenly he swiveled his head towards faint chirps. Lowering his body, he dashed into the bush,, returning with a struggling sparrow-sized baby quail held by the neck in his powerful beak. He ran down a path pursued by screeching parents. To quiet his prey, the roadrunner pounded it on the gravel, then rapidly ran away with his food dangling from his beak.

A few months before, I’d seen him or another roadrunner leap into the air, catch …

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